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Favorite Hell on Wheels Episodes (Season 3)

Which of these episodes from the show’s third season rank highest for you?

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1 Episode 6: One Less Mule
The Swede murders Joseph Dutson. Ezra escapes. After a competency hearing, Gen. Grant gives Cullen 20 days to reach Cheyenne.
1243 1737
2 Episode 10: Get Behind the Mule
The Swede, as Bishop Dutson, marries Cullen and Naomi Hatch (who's pregnant). Durant is reinstated as U.P. chief. A bear attacks Elam.
1143 1885
3 Episode 9: Fathers and Sins
Cullen convinces the men to work on Sunday to meet Gen. Grant's deadline. Aaron Hatch kidnaps Cullen after a firefight in Cheyenne.
768 1210
4 Episode 1: Big Bad Wolf
Cullen regains the Union Pacific Chief Engineer position. Eva's daughter is born. Durant is released from prison.
762 1276
5 Episode 5: Searchers
Cullen helps Elam search for and find Eva's missing baby instead of moving the town ahead of heavy rain.
671 1131
6 Episode 7: Cholera
Cullen searches for water. Mickey helps Sean dispose of Sen. Metcalf's corpse. The Swede joins the Mormons. Eva gives Declan her baby.
604 1086
7 Episode 4: The Game
Cullen and Elam play stickball with the Kiowa. The Swede becomes close with the future Bishop Dutson. Eva's baby is stolen.
583 1077
8 Episode 2: Eminent Domain
Cullen hangs the son of Mormon homesteaders for murdering his Chief of Police. Elam is promoted. Sean spies on Cullen for Durant.
539 1043
9 Episode 8: It Happened in Boston
Elam evicts Eva. Malone investigates Sen. Metcalf's disappearance. Durant and Cullen meet with Collis Huntington. Mickey kills Sean.
496 1022
10 Episode 3: Range War
Wranglers steal Union Pacific cattle. Maj. Bendix kills the Indians Cullen suspected of the heist. Declan Toole offers to marry Eva.
479 1019