Episode 1: Viva la Mexico
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Favorite Hell on Wheels Episodes (Season 2)

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1 Episode 7: The White Spirit
Elam strikes a deal with the McGinnes brothers, then quits the railroad. The Swede discovers Durant's fraudulent mileage. Cullen and Lily have sex.
5630 5946
2 Episode 8: The Lord’s Day
Durant's wife arrives. Cullen reveals his aristocratic past to the Durants. Cullen blames The Swede for sabotaging the bridge.
4137 4431
3 Episode 6: Purged Away With Blood
Rev. Cole hijacks Durant's train to chicago. When Cole calls for his children, Joseph kills him. Doc is captured and asks Cullen to execute him.
4130 4396
4 Episode 5: The Railroad Job
Rebels attack Hell on Wheels, killing Nell and injuring Durant. Cullen fetches Doc Whitehead, who stabilizes Durant and saves his life.
4120 4314
5 Episode 2: Durant, Nebraska
Indians burn down Durant, NE. Durant saves Cullen's life to bring him back to Hell on Wheels and restore order. Elam kills Schmidt.
4028 4250
6 Episode 4: Scabs
Eva reveals she's carrying Elam's baby. Workers strike after a Sioux incident. The crew fight off replacements and agree to work again.
3980 4238
7 Episode 3: Slaughterhouse
Sean and Mickey take credit for Schmidt's murder. Lily confesses and the brothers are freed. They kill the German butcher and feed him to the pigs.
3946 4298
8 Episode 1: Viva la Mexico
Cullen robs Durant's payroll train with bandits. Durant assigns Elam to security duty. The town deals with a prostitute's murder.
3862 4228
9 Episode 9: Blood Moon
Cullen is interrogated, recounting events that led to Hell on Wheels' destruction. Joseph shows Cullen the Sioux army. Toole commits suicide.
3812 4374
10 Episode 10: Blood Moon Rising
Lily convinces Elam not to kill her. The Swede returns, badly burned. Sioux attack, destroying the town. The Swede strangles Lily.
3807 5201