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Favorite Breaking Bad Episodes (Season 5)

Which of these episodes from the show’s fifth season rank highest for you?

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1 Episode 14: Ozymandias
Jack kills Hank and Gomez and takes Walt's money. Todd forces Jesse to cook meth. Walter, Jr. learns Walt is a criminal.
7071 8357
2 Episode 16: Felina
Walt poisons Lydia with ricin, kills Jack's crew, then dies from a gunshot wound. Jesse escapes.
4895 5579
3 Episode 5: Dead Freight
Walt, Jesse and Mike steal methylamine from a train tanker. Todd kills a boy who witnesses the heist.
2696 3902
4 Episode 7: Say My Name
Walt offers Declan a stake in the business and enlists Todd as his assistant. Mike escapes the DEA but is killed by Walt.
2201 3043
5 Episode 13: To’hajiilee
Walt hires Jack to kill Jesse. Jesse lures Walt to the desert, where Hank arrests Walt. Jack's crew shows up and opens fire.
2160 3096
6 Episode 8: Gliding Over All
Walt hires Jack to kill Mike's men in jail. Business thrives. Walt quits cooking. Hank realizes that Walt is Heisenberg.
1908 2656
7 Episode 15: Granite State
Walt moves to New Hampshire. Todd kills Andrea to punish Jesse. Walt calls the DEA to turn himself in but changes his mind.
1476 2558
8 Episode 11: Confessions
Hank interrogates Jesse. Walt shoots a video framing Hank as a kingpin. Jesse erupts after realizing Walt poisoned Brock.
1333 2059
9 Episode 1: Live Free or Die
Hank confiscates Gus' laptop. Walt, Jesse and Mike use magnets to destroy it. Hank finds Gus's offshore bank accounts.
1183 1945
10 Episode 9: Blood Money
Lydia tries to recruit Walt back. Jesse throws his cash in the streets. Hank confronts Walt about being Heisenberg.
1109 1855
11 Episode 12: Rabid Dog
Walt moves his family to a hotel for protection from Jesse. Hank videotapes Jesse testifying against Walt.
655 1601
12 Episode 10: Buried
Hank asks Skyler to testify against Walt. Walt buries his money in the desert. Lydia enlists Jack to replace Declan.
637 1473
13 Episode 4: Fifty-One
Lydia finds a GPS tracker on a methylamine barrel. Skyler fakes a breakdown, sending the kids to Hank and Marie's.
622 1558
14 Episode 6: Buyout
Mike tries to sell his and Jesse's share of the business and locks up Walt to keep him from intervening. Walt escapes.
612 1462
15 Episode 3: Hazard Pay
Walt, Jesse and Mike start a new meth operation. To Walt's dismay, Mike continues to pay his nine jailed men.
605 1507
16 Episode 2: Madrigal
Lydia tries to kill Mike. He spares her life in exchange for her methylamine connection, then partners with Walt and Jesse.
603 1483