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Farrah Fawcett’s Finest Movie Moments

Charlie’s Angels was just the beginning. Which of these movies represents the famed actress’s finest hour?

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1 The Burning Bed
The harrowing tale of a woman who finally deals with her husband's domestic abuse by setting him on fire.
51 57
2 Extremities
Fawcett takes her woman-in-danger persona to the big screen opposite Alfre Woodard and James Russo.
33 43
3 Small Sacrifices
Her last Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress found Fawcett as a woman with a troubled home life.
33 39
4 Logan’s Run
It's a small part but a crucial one, as Fawcett plays the hostess at a face-changing facility in this futuristic tale.
26 36
5 Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story
Fawcett was again nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of one of the richest, saddest women in America.
23 29
6 Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story
The true-life story of Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld was made for television with Fawcett in the lead.
16 24
7 The Apostle
As Robert Duvall's cuckolded wife, Fawcett captured an Independent Spirit Award nom for her role in this flick.
16 24
8 Saturn 3
This sci-fi thriller finds Fawcett engaging in a brief nude scene with Kirk Douglass as the pair's spaceship orbits the titular planet.
15 29
9 The Cannonball Run
Fawcett displays her comic side as the hostage to crazed kidnappers Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds.
14 34
10 Un Homme Qui Me Plait
In this French film, she played a young, blossoming movie star, a portent of things to come.
-1 19