Once Upon a Time in the West
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The Best Movies of Charles Bronson

He’s a master of the Western and the revenge flick, and he’s even got a soft side. What’s your favorite Bronson movie?

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1 Death Wish
Bronson busted out of the Western genre with the ultimate vigilante flick -- good enough for four sequels.
491 793
2 The Dirty Dozen
Bronson, with badass friends in tow, goes on a suicide mission. It's the prototype for everything from The Expendables to A Bridge Too Far.
474 752
3 The Magnificent Seven
Holding your own against McQueen, Brynner, and Coburn is no small feet. Bronson does so and became a star as a result.
470 716
4 Once Upon a Time in the West
Bronson's stoic, mysterious, and deadly cowboy is the archetype of the dangerous Old West warrior.
409 711
5 The Mechanic
Bronson is a perfect fit in this heartwarming story of a veteran hit man who mentors a young contract killer.
372 644
6 Mr. Majestyk
Bronson does what he does best: takes out those who mess with him, this time as a Vietnam vet turned watermelon farmer.
238 566
7 Hard Times
In this hidden gem, Bronson gives a wounded, broken performance and has killer fight scenes. What more could you want?
229 573
8 Death Wish 2
The California sun does nothing to mellow Bronson, who's out on another quest for street vengence in this sequel.
176 560
9 Rider on the Rain
The original French version is hard to find, but Bronson's game of cat and mouse with a murderess makes it well worth seeking out.
-42 430
10 The Indian Runner
Late in life, Bronson went soft with great results in this independent drama directed by Sean Penn.
-52 436