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Charles Bronson Westerns

This tough-guy extraordinaire (and his mustache) lent a gritty flavor to all of his movies. Which of his Westerns deserves top billing?

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1 Once Upon a Time in the West
Sergio Leone's masterpiece pits Bronson's Harmonica against bad guy Henry Fonda as the villainous Frank.
263 353
2 The Magnificent Seven
John Sturges's iconic flick finds Bronson joined in battle with Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, and other Western mainstays.
224 292
3 Red Sun
East meets West in this international oater, which finds Bronson teaming up with Seven Samurai player Toshiro Mifune.
112 212
4 Chato’s Land
As half-Apache outlaw Pardon Chato, Bronson picks off his pursuers (including Jack Palance) one by one.
111 211
5 Breakheart Pass
A suspenseful railroad flick, with Bronson as an undercover agent heading west to uncover a murderous Native American plot.
102 190
6 Chino
Bronson's trademark flinty determination is on fine display in this lesser-known Jim Sturges drama.
71 173
7 Run of the Arrow
In Samuel Fuller's edgy Technicolor drama, a young Bronson stars opposite Rod Steiger as Sioux chief Blue Buffalo.
48 160