Encino Man
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Caveman Movies

Oongha Boongha. Which movie has the the most memorable caveman?

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1 Quest for Fire
Rae Dawn Chong is the highly-evolved cavegirl star of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s gorgeously-shot epic.
86 282
2 One Million Years B.C.
Loana (Raquel Welch) dodges dinos, an earthquake, and a giant tarantula in that famous fur bikini.
68 232
3 Caveman
Ringo Starr plays the titular early man opposite Shelly Long and Dennis Quaid in this camp classic.
53 243
4 The Clan of the Cave Bear
Daryl Hannah's gorgeous Cro-Magnon struggles to fit in with adoptive Neanderthal tribe.
49 207
5 History of the World — Part I
Chief Caveman Sid Caesar and his crew deliver the most laughs in Mel Brooks’ spoof.
36 188
6 10,000 B.C.
Hunky hunter Steven Strait battles woolly mammoths and worse in Roland Emmerich's eye-popping epic.
35 195
7 Encino Man
Brendan Fraser’s Link heads to high school with buddies Stoney (Pauly Shore) and Dave (Sean Astin).
4 184
8 Iceman
John Lone is the unfrozen early man at the heart of this poignant Arctic drama.
-5 157
9 Trog
Joan Crawford goes camp as an anthropologist fighting for the rights of an out-of-time troglodyte.
-61 133
10 Eegah!
Richard Kiel stars in a caveman movie so hokey, it inspired an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
-72 140