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Bill Murray Movies

Bill Murray’s résumé reads like a greatest-hits list of plum roles from the last three decades. Which of these top twenty Bill Murray movies do you think represents the beloved actor’s finest hour?

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1 Groundhog Day
Murray is obnoxious weatherman Phil, who is forced by fate to relive the same day again and again.
1269 2445
2 Ghostbusters
"Nobody steps on a church in my town." So says Dr. Peter Venkman, a ghost-exterminator extraordinaire.
1241 2309
3 Caddyshack
As the gopher-hunting, pot-smoking groundskeeper Carl Spackler, Murray totally steals the show.
1190 2134
4 Stripes
When sassy, unkempt womanizer John enlists in the U.S. Army, the armed forces will never be the same.
1023 1899
5 What About Bob?
"You think he's gone? He's not gone. That's the whole point! He's never gone!" So says Murray's addled therapist of him.
615 1963
6 Scrooged
Dickens's story gets a sarcastic spin when Bill Murray, as TV exec Frank Cross, says, "Bah humbug!"
560 1378
7 Lost in Translation
Sofia Coppola's downbeat movie stars Tokyo, Bill Murray, and Scarlett Johansson -- all happy together.
231 1733
8 Kingpin
Amish hustlers! Rubber hands! And Murray's bowling pro Ernie McCracken is at the heart of it all.
169 1587
9 Meatballs
The then-unknown actor's starring role in this Canadian campfire comedy launched Murray into the spotlight.
156 1486
10 Rushmore
Murray plays the unlikely buddy of Jason Schwartzman's young oddball, in a role that redefined his career.
71 1371
11 The Royal Tenenbaums
In his second collaboration with director Wes Anderson, Murray is a horrible husband, brilliant psychologist, and proud turtleneck wearer.
27 1373
12 Little Shop of Horrors
A small role but a good one: Murray is the masochistic patient Steve Martin's mad dentist can't make flinch.
24 1338
13 The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
Our hero is the titular red-beanie-wearing oceanographer, who finds redemption via the hunt for his own white whale.
-3 1441
14 Tootsie
An underheralded role as Dustin Hoffman's barfly buddy finds Murray delivering drunken rants that are pure comedy gold.
-29 1283
15 The Man Who Knew Too Little
Murray as a bumbling goofball mistaken for an assassin in a Hitchcock spoof? Gloriously funny.
-120 1192
16 Broken Flowers
Equal parts sad and sardonic, Murray tones it down as a former Don Juan who goes on a quest to find his long-lost son.
-391 1051
17 Coffee and Cigarettes
Murray destroys the title short in Jim Jarmusch's collection by wittily discussing life and vices with the Wu-Tang's GZA and RZA.
-425 979
18 City of Ember
Murray has a nuanced, sad, brilliant turn as the mayor of a city buried far below the Earth's surface.
-438 966
19 Hamlet
An Uber-sarcastic comedic actor playing poor doomed Polonius in the drama to end all dramas? Ain't no thing.
-509 905
20 Cradle Will Rock
Murray plays sad-funny ventriloquist Tommy Crickshaw alongside an A-list cast directed by Tim Robbins.
-527 877