28 Days Later
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Horror Movie Soundtracks

Duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh…how would you rank these killer musical scores?

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1 Halloween
John Carpenter composed a minimalist, keyboard-based score in a style that's often imitated, but rarely bettered.
1527 2017
2 Jaws
John Williams' shark theme is barely a melody, but it contains what may be the eight most memorable notes in movie history.
908 1716
3 Psycho
Bernard Hermann's nerve-jangling works for this Alfred Hitchcock pic are the pretty much the epitome of music that says what words can't.
767 1575
4 The Exorcist
Mike Oldfield's tinkling melody "Tubular Bells" wasn't written for the iconic pic, but it's all anyone remembers from the soundtrack.
754 1562
5 Friday the 13th
Harry Manfredini's score is built around eerie whispers that foreshadow the killer's identity and make use of Manfredini's own voice.
658 1600
6 The Omen
Composer Jerry Goldsmith won the only Oscar of his long career for this score, whose highlight is the chant "Ave Satani," or "Hail Satan."
234 1332
7 28 Days Later
John Murphy took a cue from John Carpenter when crafting the weirdly appropriate, spare score for this chaotic zombie flick.
-6 1298
8 Rosemary’s Baby
Polish jazzman Krzysztof Komeda scored many Roman Polanski films, but he never surpassed this movie's lyrical "Lullaby."
-103 1229
9 Suspiria
Dario Argento's candy-colored imagery and Goblin's complex, insinuating score make this gem a high-water mark in Italian horror.
-144 1244
10 Vampyros Lesbos
Manfred Hubler and Sigfried Schwab's music is perfect for the Euro-art aesthetic: Funky, freaky, and just plain weird.
-736 1060