The Legend of Hell House
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Best Haunted House Movies

Which of these movies about possessed places is your favorite?

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1 The Shining
Caretaker at a winter resort! Sounds like a great gig, until you realized the hotel is haunted... and totally isolated.
792 1262
2 Poltergeist
If you find out your house is built on defiled Native-American graves -- get out of the contract.
576 1084
3 The Amityville Horror
That voice booming "get out?" Listen and learn... if the house doesn't like you, cut and run.
456 1168
4 The Haunting
Cold spots, phantom dogs, loud noises and scary voices are just a few of its selling points.
422 1002
5 House on Haunted Hill
Eccentric millionaire turns his modern abode into a house of horrors... and you're visiting why?
288 976
6 1408
John Cusack is challenged to survive a haunted hotel room. His solution: Burn the place down.
182 942
7 Beetlejuice
The good news: The former owners loved this place. The bad: They refuse to leave.
112 1016
8 The Legend of Hell House
When a place gets a nickname like "Hell House," think twice before running over to get a cup of sugar.
80 796
9 The Grudge
If brochures show a cute house in Tokyo, it could be because a supernatural curse is harder to photograph.
34 894
10 House of Wax
A group of stranded teens stumble upon an abandoned wax museum and must fight to keep from becoming the museum's next exhibit.
-5 43
11 Burnt Offerings
The family is falling apart, the house looks better by the day... what's wrong with this picture?
-84 710
12 The Sentinel
That brownstone apartment isn't a great deal if you have to guard the mouth of Hell. Trust us.
-97 709