The Substitute
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Best Foreign Horror Movies of the ’00s

There’s nothing like seeing the usual suspects — psychos, vampires, zombies — through an unfamiliar lens. Rank these foreign fright flicks.

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1 Let the Right One In
A lonely vampire girl befriends a bullied adolescent in this melancholy Swedish horror movie.
152 356
2 Martyrs
Envelope-pushing horror from France that mixes torture, transcendence and philosophizing.
85 277
3 High Tension
French student takes on a ruthless serial killer in this white-knuckle thriller.
67 293
4 [REC]
The inspiration for Quarantine: A Spanish lifestyle reporter stumbles onto a zombie plague.
66 310
5 Brotherhood of the Wolf
Intrigue, martial arts, sexy spies and shape-shifting menace all collide in this period horror romp from France.
0 186
6 Thirst
A gentle priest finds himself a vampire in Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook's shocker.
-3 173
7 Pontypool
Zombies meet Beat-era metaphysics in this trippy, scary movie from Canada.
-5 187
8 Calvaire
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Belgiums desolate Fagnes region in this backwoods shocker.
-22 144
9 Imprint
An American journalist in 19th-century Japan uncovers betrayal and grotesque secrets as he investigates his lover's death.
-31 149
10 The Substitute
Danish middle-schoolers suspect there's something wrong with their substitute teacher, and they're right.
-43 125
11 Invisible
Stranded between life and death, a privileged but unhappy teen reasssses his life.
-49 127