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Best Edgar Allan Poe Movies

Edgar Allan Poe was the original master of horror; hundreds of movies have been based on his writing and he’s featured as a character in many others. But how do they stack up?

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1 The Fall of the House of Usher
Roger Corman's haunting first Poe picture features a strikingly somber Vincent Price.
190 300
2 Pit and the Pendulum
A torture chamber and Vincent Price as a mad sadist equals Poe perfection, camp variety.
186 320
3 The Masque of the Red Death
Decadent arisocrats try to cheat death in the most laish of the Corman-Price Poe movies.
185 289
4 Tales of Terror
Vincent Price and Peter Lorre make the "Black Cat" segment a delight.
159 263
5 Vincent
Tim Burton's clay-animated short, narrated by Vincent Price, is the perfect tribute to Poe and Poe fans.
63 217
6 Witchfinder General
A tale of real-life 17th-century horror worthy of EAP, starring Poe-meister Vincent Price, hence its Poe-derived US release title, The Conqueror Worm.
44 210
7 Spirits of the Dead
Federico Fellini turns a little know Poe piece into a 1960s Europop nightmare of alienation, despair and madness.
29 193
8 Castle of Blood
Poe himself challenges a skeptic to brave a haunted house in this atmopheric gothic chiller.
25 203
9 Web of the Spider
In this color remake of Castle of Blood, Poe is played by Klaus Kinski.
1 181