Demon Seed
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Best Dean Koontz Movies

He has a funny name, but frightening’s his game, and he plays it very, very well. Rank these movies based on Koontz’s novels, from Demon Seed to Watchers.

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1 Phantoms
A group of strangers stands between an ancient evil and the survival of the human race.
101 213
2 Intensity
A troubled woman falls into the clutches of a serial killer and discovers an unexpected inner strength.
99 221
3 Watchers
A superintelligent dog tries to escape its creators, endangering anyone who tries to help it.
81 187
4 Dean Koontz’ Sole Survivor
A grieving husband's investigation into the accidental deaths of his family uncovers an evil experiment.
37 155
5 Frankenstein
Koontz's concept -- a modern-day Frankenstein set in New Orleans -- mutated during production.
32 136
6 Demon Seed
A woman is imprisoned in her own home by a supercomputer that wants her to have its baby.
26 156
7 Whispers
A writer is stalked by a psychopath whose elusiveness seems almost inhuman.
17 121
8 The Servants of Twilight
A woman must protect her son from cultists who think he's the Antichrist.
8 122
9 Black River
A sci-fi novelist is trapped in a small town where everyone is happy all the time. That's never good!
-6 106
10 Mr. Murder
An ordinary fellow discovers that he has a murderous man-made twin.
-11 115
11 Watchers II
The sequel to Watchers adds a deformed mutant to the genetic-experiment-gone-awry scenario of the original.
-20 118
12 Watchers 3
A brilliant dog and a genetic mutant are captured by military-trained ex-cons with evil intent.
-24 114
13 Watchers Reborn
More dog, more mutant, more human collateral damage.
-42 112