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Best Chevy Chase Movies

He’s a ladies-man. A playboy. A goof. Which of Chevy Chase’s classic comedies deserves top billing?

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1 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Chase makes the goofy, now-familiar Clark Griswold into the irresistible heart of one of the best Christmas movies ever made, hands-down.
308 538
2 National Lampoon’s Vacation
Chase's Clark Griswold strikes comedy gold as the well-meaning father who forces his family to take a cross-country road trip.
292 486
3 Caddyshack
Though this 1980 gem is chock-full of talent, Chase steals every scene he's in as kooky golf pro Ty Webb.
254 460
4 Fletch
Chase lays on the smarm as the wise-cracking, disguise-loving titular reporter, reportedly Chase's favorite role to date.
191 439
5 Three Amigos!
This classic casts Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase as down on their luck actors who end up saving a small town in Mexico.
129 389
6 Spies Like Us
Chase is pitch perfect starring opposite Dan Aykroyd as a Pentagon slacker who almost ends up causing World War III.
99 355
7 Nothing But Trouble
Chase puts in a surprisingly grounded performance in this cult comedy as a playboy who ends up on a judge's bad side.
-80 306
8 Memoirs of an Invisible Man
As the invisible yuppie at the heart of this action-comedy hybrid, Chase proves he's capable of more than just easy laughs.
-89 287
9 Dirty Work
Norm McDonald's hilariously disgusting flick features a great supporting performance by Chase as a bumbling doctor.
-106 284
10 Orange County
In this underrated teen comedy, Chase is hilarious as the high school principal to Colin Hanks' college reject.
-114 276