The Blob
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Best Blob and Slime Monster Movies

They’re icky and sticky and thoroughly disgusting: Welcome to the world of murderous goop, from The Blob to The Slime People. Rank them!

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1 Ghostbusters
Green, gooey ghost Slimer was a breakout star of this hit horror comedy flick.
428 626
2 The Blob
A young Steve McQueen vanquished the original lethal all-absorbing glob from space.
364 640
3 The Blob
The Blob 2.0 featured future Saw star Shawnee Smith battling the shapeless monster.
178 550
4 Ghostbusters 2
Slimer is back, and slimier than ever -- you can't keep a gross ghost down.
74 558
5 Evolution
Scientists never learn: Don't mess with the gloppy stuff inside meteors -- there be blob monsters!.
1 473
6 Beware! The Blob
You can freeze a blob, but you can't kill it: That's the lesson of this sequel.
-62 432
7 The Slime People
Nuclear testing unleashes an underground race of slimers on the human race is this b-movie favorite.
-103 401
8 The Green Slime
A fungus is among us in this vintage j-horror/sci-fi movie... and it's hostile!
-114 426
9 Slithis
Radiation plus living mud spawns a monster that proves it's not nice to pollute mother nature.
-123 381
10 Caltiki – Il Mostro Immortale
Mayan ruins shelter a blobular monster in this old-school Italian horror classic.
-170 408
11 Slime City
Be warned: If you go dumpster-diving for pudding, you'll turn into a drippy, icky monster.
-211 361