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Alien Franchise

In space no one can hear you scream, but the Alien series has been terrifying moviegoers for over 30 years. Which flick is your favorite?

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1 Alien
In 1979, "the scariest movie ever made" brought the horror genre to space and made Sigourney Weaver a household name.
1464 2042
2 Aliens
In James Cameron's sequel, Ripley (Weaver) joins a squad of marines to eradicate xenomorphs on a planet colonized by humans.
1459 2185
3 Alien 3
In David Fincher's feature debut, Ripley finds herself in an all-male penal colony planet infested with face-huggers.
141 1587
4 Alien vs. Predator
In Antarctica, scientists land in the middle of a fight between two deadly extraterrestrials.
138 1678
5 Alien Resurrection
Two hundred years after her death, Ripley is cloned for her DNA in order to breed new aliens. Wynona Ryder costars.
82 1594
6 AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem
The lead monsters of Alien and Predator take their battle to America after their spaceships accidentally crash.
-438 1476