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Photos – Comic Book Men Season 4 Cast Gallery

comic-book-men-season-4-kevin-smith-ming-chen-cast-gallery-560-1Longing for the return of Kevin Smith and the super-team from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash? Have no fear: Ming, Bryan, Mike and Walt are mere weeks away from saving the day when Season 4 premieres on Oct 12. In the meantime, check out new shots of the guys posed and ready for action in this all-new Comic Book Men cast gallery.




Comic Book Men returns Sunday, October 12 at Midnight/11c.

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4th and Loud

4th and Loud Q&A – Beau Bell (Linebacker)

4th-and-loud-season-1-beau-bell-3254th and Loud‘s Beau Bell, starting linebacker for the LA KISS talks about playing with his brother BJ and the bone-shattering hit he laid on the Spokane Shock’s quarterback.

Q: LA KISS co-owners Brett Bouchy and Schuyler Hoversten said that you were the first guy they signed to the team. What drew you to the LA KISS? 

A: Honestly, I was already out here coaching, and I thought it would be real fun to play in front of my family and friends; I hadn’t played in front of them in 10 years.

Q: You were a coach? Who were you coaching for?

A: Yeah, I’m still coaching the defensive line at Santa Ana College.

Q: It must’ve been strange having your brother BJ Bell at training camp, trying out for the team alongside you. Was he a welcome addition to camp, or did you find him to be a distraction?
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Game of Arms

AMC Returns to the Table for a Second Season of the Arm-Wrestling Series Game of Arms

GOA_DM_1102_0627_560AMC announced today that it has ordered a second season of its unscripted arm-wrestling series, Game of Arms, which premiered last February with 1 million viewers, delivering the network’s highest weeknight original series premiere. The network has ordered 10 one-hour episodes of the series, which goes inside the raw, highly-competitive world of underground arm-wrestling. The competition series follows members of various regional arm wrestling clubs, as they hit the road each week to compete in intense matches, often sacrificing their jobs, health, and even relationships in pursuit of victory.
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4th and Loud

4th and Loud Q&A – Joe Mortensen (Fullback)

4th-and-loud-season-1-joe-mortensen-3254th and Loud’s Joe Mortensen, the LA KISS linebacker-turned-fullback, discusses his friendship with quarterback and “class act” JJ Raterink and how much Assistant Coach Walt “Hous” Housman loves his cat.

Q: An expansion team is basically a random bunch of guys that haven’t been signed by other teams and such. What was the chemistry like this season on the LA KISS? 

A: Up and down the roster, I don’t think we had a bad team. If anything, it was chemistry on the field that was hurting us. Some guys didn’t really know the game that well, at first, [and] our offensive line didn’t play that well. It was my third year playing arena, [and] I had been playing defense my whole life, and it was my first year playing fullback. You know, teams like Arizona and San Jose, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, those guys have been together for three or four years… we had a short mini-camp, and we were bringing guys in and out all throughout the year, so it was tough.

Q: You had to be pretty close to JJ Raterink, considering you were literally defending him as a fullback during games. What kind of relationship did you have with him as a player?
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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men Season 4 Poster Revealed

comic-book-men-season-4-poster-560x830Today AMC unveiled the official Season 4 poster for Comic Book Men, in glorious 3D. So break out your 3D glasses and enter the world of Kevin Smith and the gang from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

Comic Book Men returns Sun., Oct. 12 at Midnight/11c on AMC.

Catch up on Comic Book Men Season 3 with full episodes on (Log-in required)

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Enter the Matrix This Throwback Thursday With The Matrix Trilogy


Get ready to take the red pill this Throwback Thursday with a back-to-back marathon of The Matrix Trilogy starting September 4 at 8/7c. Relive the leather-clad overcoats, the ’90s punk music and the special effects that revolutionized the action and sci-fi genres. Can’t wait to go deeper into the Matrix? Take these Ultimate Fan Games, then rank your favorite Matrix film below.


The Matrix
The Wachowskis approached Hugo Weaving to play Agent Smith after seeing his performance in which movie?

The Matrix Reloaded
The fight sequences in this sequel required intense choreography. Which actor had to undergo six months of training to perfect a single kick?
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4th and Loud

EW Tests Gene Simmons’ Pop Culture Personality; ArenaFan Recommends 4th

4th-and-loud-episode-104-andres-vargas-325This week, Entertainment Weekly tests Gene Simmons’ pop culture personality. Plus, ArenaFan thinks this is a good time to start watching 4th and Loud. Read on for more:

• Gene Simmons takes Entertainment Weekly‘s Pop Culture Personality Test and reveals how he won a Twist Championship in school and that he frequently binges on marathons of The Twilight Zone.

• After watching “The Fall Guy,” ArenaFan says, “If you think things have already been bad enough and love to see yelling and screaming, this would be the time to begin to follow the show.”

TVRuckus recap of this week’s episode, “The Fall Guy,” remarks, “Fans of 4th and Loud saw less of owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley this week and more of the L.A. KISS arena football team.”

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Comic Book Men

Season 3 of Comic Book Men Available Online


Comic Book Men returns for Season 4 on Sunday, October 12th. Can’t wait that long to see your favorite fanboys again? You’re in luck: the first eight episodes of Season 3 are available on with your cable provider log-in. Ration yourself one episode at a time or binge your way through the batch until September 13th, when the second half of Season 3 will become available.



Comic Book Men returns Sunday, October 12 at midnight/11c.

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4th and Loud

4th and Loud Q&A – JJ Raterink (LA KISS Quarterback)

4th-and-loud-season-1-jj-raternick-3254th and Loud’s JJ Raterink, quarterback of the LA KISS, talks about his ups and downs during the team’s inaugural season and what it’s like being a part of the KISS brand.

Q: So it’s the offseason for you at this point. What do you do for a living when you’re not playing AFL football?

A: I actually work for a software company. We do tracking software for car dealerships… I travel all around the country, and I go into stores and train new salespeople and managers how to use the software.

Q: In the Series Premiere of 4th and Loud, Colt Brennan is the favorite for the starting quarterback job, but has to retire due to lingering injuries. Did you ever think you’d wind up as starting QB for the LA KISS? 

A: When they did sign Colt, I knew that the name was going to be a big draw, and I knew that was probably going to be something I was going to have to overcome personally to play. Having been a rookie myself, I know that the game is a lot faster than people realize, especially at that position. So it’s not that I was sitting there waiting for him to fail or get his opportunity and not succeed. I just know how difficult it is for a first-time guy to get that opportunity. But my mindset the whole time was that I was going to be playing.

Q: There must’ve been a tremendous amount of pressure on you to succeed.  
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4th and Loud

Get Caught Up on 4th and Loud With a Mini-Marathon This Sunday at 2PM/1c

4th-and-loud-102-jj-raterink-560If you haven’t tuned into AMC’s newest series, 4th and Loud, it’s not too late to get into the game. This Sunday at 2PM/1c, AMC will air the first three episodes of 4th and Loud back-to-back. Catch up with the LA KISS coaches, players, and of course, owners Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Then, tune in on Tuesday, September 2 at 10/9c for the latest touchdowns, concerts and more.

Full episodes of 4th and Loud are also available online. (Log-in required)

Click here for the full schedule of 4th and Loud on AMC.

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