Know a Macintosh From an IBM? Prove It With a Halt and Catch Fire Classic Computers Photo Quiz

halt-and-catch-fire-season-1-classic-computers-quiz-560As Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 comes to a conclusion this Sunday, Joe MacMilllan is entranced by the new Macintosh computer debuted at COMDEX. But the Macintosh wasn’t the only revolutionary real-life computer of the time period. Do you know a Commodore from a Tandy? Your IBM from your Apple? Prove you’re as savvy as Joe, Gordon and Cameron with the Halt and Catch Fire Classic Computers Quiz. Then be sure not to miss the Season 1 Finale, “1984″ this Sunday at 10/9c.

Mastered classic computers? Play the Halt and Catch Fire ’80s Video Game Photo Quiz.

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EW Praises “Fly”; Breaking Bad Casting Directors Share Secrets, Stories

breaking-bad-310-walt-cranston-325This week, Entertainment Weekly deems “Fly” one of the best bottle episodes on TV, while Breaking Bad‘s casting directors talk about what their job was like, especially as the show got more popular. Plus, Gold Derby breaks down Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn’s Emmy chances. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly ranks Season 3, Episode 10, “Fly” one of TV’s best bottle episodes, asserting that Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Rian Johnson (the director) “imbue it with enough vigor and even comedy that the hunt for the fly starts to stand in for the series as a whole.”

Breaking Bad‘s casting directors tell E! Online they didn’t cast big Hollywood names because “often great actors that we find, America doesn’t really know and will believe that they are real.”

• In more casting talk, Casting Director Sharon Bialy explains to that Dean Norris got the part of Hank because it “was the role he was born to play.”
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Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Hell on Wheels Season 4 Premiere This Saturday at 9/8c

hell-on-wheels-season-4-10-ways-cullen-mount-560Season 4 of Hell on Wheels premieres this Saturday, August 2 at 9/8c. Does the wait feel as grueling as the construction of the transcontinental railroad? Here are ten ways to kill your time:

1. Tune in for the Hell on Wheels Marathon (beginning this Friday, August 1 at 3PM/2c on AMC) and binge-watch the first three seasons before catching the Season 4 premiere.

2. Find out what lies ahead by watching “A Look at Season 4,” featuring interviews with cast members including Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon), Robin McLeavy (Eva), MacKenzie Porter (Naomi Hatch), Jake Weber (John Campbell), and Phil Burke (Mickey McGuinnes).

3. Get a video introduction to the new characters you’ll be meeting in Season 4, including Naomi (MacKenzie Porter), John Campbell (Jake Weber), Marshal Jessup (Peter Benson), and Heckard (Billy Wickman).

4. Take a video tour of Season 4′s Cheyenne set, led by Anson Mount, for the inside scoop on featured locations including the Palmer House hotel and the offices of the Cheyenne Leader, as well as an up-close look at the amazing amount of detail put into each set.

5. Preview the new season with 12 sneak peek photos, plus a Season 4 cast gallery.

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Washington Post Previews 4th and Loud; TheWrap Features New Trailer

4th-and-loud-101-paul-stanley-gene-simmons-arms-325This week, The Washington Post previews 4th and Loud, which premieres Aug. 12, while TheWrap showcases a trailer with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the LA KISS players. Plus, Gene Simmons tells Zap2it that 4th and Loud will put arena football on the map. Read on for more:

• KISS’s Paul Stanley says of 4th and Loud that viewers are “going to meet some very, very interesting characters and stars in their own right that we want to come to the forefront,” according to The Washington Post.

TheWrap features a 4th and Loud clip of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, where “the self-proclaimed kings of the night time world (and rock-related marketing) whip their players into a frenzy.”

Zap2it reports that Gene Simmons is intent on putting arena football on the map via 4th and Loud, saying, “We’re the Tiger Woods of golf. Before Tiger Woods, nobody cared about golf.”
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Indiewire Showcases Season 4 Trailer; Mercury News Previews New Season Ahead of Premiere

how302-cullen-325This week, Indiewire showcases the Season 4 trailer, while the San Jose Mercury News previews the new season ahead of Saturday’s premiere. Plus, Zap2it features Anson Mount talking about Westerns. Read on for more:

Indiewire presents a Season 4 trailer that features a “graphical time-lapse of a railroad and a city under construction” as the backdrop of a speech by Colm Meaney’s character Thomas “Doc” Durant.

• The San Jose Mercury News previews Season 4, noting that the “series left a lot up in the air at the end of Season 3, so fans will be glad to have a few questions answered this year.” [No Link]

Zap2it presents a featurette where Anson Mount discusses the anatomy of the Western, cautioning, “You have to both embrace a genre and be very careful of it at the same time.”
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Walking Dead Thrills Comic-Con Fans; Scott Gimple Teases Season 5 With TV Guide

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) - The Walking DeadThis week, The Walking Dead cast and crew takes over Comic-Con, while Scott Gimple talks to TV Guide about what to expect in the new season. Plus, Chad L. Coleman discusses Lizzie’s death with TheWrap. Read on for more:

USA Today has an account of The Walking Dead‘s Comic-Con panel, as well as the Season 5 trailer shown there, and reports that Scott Gimple says of the show, “Everyone alive has done unspeakable things…Who do they become?” ABC News, Digital Spy (which shares the news of Seth Gilliam joining the show to play Father Gabriel) and HitFix live-blog the event, while The Hollywood Reporter was also there. Flickering Myth has a video of the entire panel.

• Scott Gimple tells TV Guide that the survivors are “going to be facing some pretty heavy stuff that is going to define who they are as people moving forward.” [No Link] Wetpaint has more details from the interview.

Chad L. Coleman, chatting with TheWrap, discusses how Lizzie’s death “beautifully captured how this crazy world twisted this little girl into something that, probably, is the most dangerous person in that world.”
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Lee Pace Appears on Late Night; Kerry Bishé Discusses Donna With Sun-Times

halt-donna-bishe-season-1-325This week, Lee Pace appears on Late Night With Seth Meyers, while Kerry Bishé discusses Donna with the Chicago Sun-Times. Plus, HitFix has a chat about why it likes the show. Read on for more:

Late Night With Seth Meyers hosts Lee Pace, who says that Halt and Catch Fire is “about that incredible turning point in our history when we relied on computers to manage our lives.”

Speaking with the Chicago Sun-Times, Kerry Bishé says of playing Donna that “it’s really rare to see characters on TV, and especially women, who are responsible and selfish and smart and vain and fallible.”

HitFix‘s Firewall and Iceberg Podcast discusses Halt and Catch Fire on the eve of Comic-Con, observing, “I like this version of this world. I like the style of it. I like the performances…”
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Jon Hamm Food Fights on Tonight Show; Janie Bryant Talks Costume Changes With THR

mad-men-407-peggy-moss-don-hamm-325This week, The Tonight Show saw Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spit food at each other, while Janie Bryant discusses changing fashions on Mad Men with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, Entertainment Weekly ranks “The Suitcase” as TV’s best bottle episode. Read on for more:

TheWrap has video of Jon Hamm’s appearance on The Tonight Show where he and Jimmy Fallon “spray one another with various foods and drinks while saying words that start with the letter ‘P.’”

Janie Bryant tells The Hollywood Reporter that she loved working on Mad Men because everything was “always changing. There wasn’t really the time to get tired of a period creatively.”

Entertainment Weekly considers Season 4′s “The Suitcase” to be TV’s best bottle episode, where “Don and Peggy deliver some of the show’s best lines as they tear each other apart.”
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Vulture Highlights Saul Billboard; USA Today Previews Saul

better-call-saul-episode-101-saul-odenkirk-325This week, an ad campaign featuring a Saul billboard in Albuquerque gets a lot of play in Vulture and elsewhere, while USA Today talks to Bob Odenkirk about Better Call Saul. Plus, E! has a conversation with the show’s casting directors. Read on for more:

Vulture reports on Better Call Saul‘s ad campaign, which includes an Albuquerque billboard and working phone number for Jimmy McGill (Saul’s former name). E! Online applauds, “A+ on marketing, AMC.” CBS News points out that the Better Call Saul billboard “lets you actually call Saul.”

USA Today, previewing Better Call Saul, speaks with Bob Odenkirk, who says, “You’ll see a lot of things that made him who he is, and you’ll re-look at his situation in Breaking Bad and see that he’s not such a bad guy.”

Better Call Saul‘s casting directors tell E! Online about the secrecy on set: “The actors are coming in with dummy sides, they aren’t even able to look at a script. So they have to walk into the casting room and trust us on how we’re guiding that. Secrecy.”
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Party Like It’s 1984 With Halt and Catch Fire‘s Latest Spotify Playlist

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-110-spotify-1984-200x2001983 proved to be an eventful year for the team at Cardiff Electric, whose venture into the PC market has been fraught with double-crosses, romantic trysts, and hiccups of both the technical and legal variety. Now, 1984 is approaching and the team is poised to unleash their Giant onto the market (the same year that Apple will unveil its game-changing Macintosh). To celebrate such a seminal year in the history of personal computers, Halt and Catch Fire‘s music supervisor Thomas Golubić and his team at SuperMusicVision have created a new Spotify playlist highlighting the pop hits of 1984. While Cardiff’s future may be uncertain, 1984′s place in music history is secure thanks to artists like U2, Depeche Mode, and David Bowie. Check it out below, and get ready to party like it’s 1984 all over again.

Follow AMC Halt and Catch Fire on Spotify

Halt and Catch Fire episodes and music are also available on iTunes.

Look after the jump to download songs from the “1984!” ’80s playlist now.

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