Story Notes for Meet the Fockers


Weeknights during prime time on AMC, you can catch Story Notes — real time trivia and facts about your favorite movies! Below is the online version of the Story Notes for Meet the Fockers.

Automotive Notes
Jack’s RV is a customized Fleetwood Pace Arrow. Three of them were given to the production. One was sawed in half so that there would be room for the cameras to film the interior scenes.

Bernie’s license plate says “TMI,” short for “too much information.” Continue reading “Story Notes for Meet the Fockers” »

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Play the Colossal Cave Adventure Game Just Like Halt and Catch Fire‘s Cameron Howe


In Halt and Catch Fire Season 1, Episode 5 “Adventure”, Cameron Howe and her fellow programmers become obsessed with the computer game, Colossal Cave Adventure. But did you know Adventure is a real game from the ’80s? Better yet, you can now play Colossal Cave Adventure online at This original text-based adventure game is presented on a simulated 1983 PC screen and comes with ten all-new pieces of secret artwork that can be unlocked throughout your quest.

Finding the game too challenging? You’re not alone. A common jest is that the release of Adventure set the computing industry back two weeks due to time lost playing the game. (That’s why Cameron uses it to figure out which programmers are worth keeping around.) Never fear, the version comes stocked with pop-up hints throughout to keep you moving, as well as a full FAQ to impart a few tips & tricks that will help you beat the game with the elusive 350-point perfect score.



Don’t miss brand new episodes of Halt and Catch Fire Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

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Watch Full Episodes of Freakshow Season 2


Didn’t get a chance to catch Morgue’s bed of razors stunt or watch Jessa the Bearded Lady break a world record? If you want to re-watch all of this season’s freaky moments, or even if you’ve never seen Freakshow before, you’re in luck: Full episodes of Season 2 are now available on, now through July 22.

Click here for more ways to watch Freakshow.

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AMC Releases Poster for New Docu-Series 4th and Loud


AMC has released the official poster for its new docu-series 4th and Loud. The artwork features Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, of KISS fame and three of LA KISS’s key arena football players with the tagline, “From Arena Rock to Arena Football, KISS the rules goodbye”.

Watch a series premiere trailer for 4th and Loud and be sure to like the show on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

4th and Loud premieres Tuesday, August 12 at 9/8c on AMC.

AMC’s New Docu-Series 4th and Loud Premieres August 12

4AL_LOGO_Color_560AMC today announced that its docu-series 4th and Loud, which follows the inaugural season of the LA KISS Arena Football League team, will premiere on Tuesday, August 12 at 9/8c. The 10-episode (60-minute) series will follow team owners Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, of KISS fame, along with additional owners, long-time KISS manager, Doc McGhee, managing partner/owner, Brett Bouchy and president/owner, Schuyler Hoversten, as they and the dedicated players and coaches work to turn LA’s first professional football team in years into a winning franchise.

4th and Loud is produced by Thinkfactory Media (Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Hatfields & McCoys), with Adam Freeman, Adam Reed, Chris Gillen, Erin Kelly and Leslie Greif serving as executive producers.

Take a look at the 4th and Loud series premiere trailer.

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Mackenzie Davis Interviewed by CBC’s Q; Fansided Touts Halt and Catch Fire

hacf-cameron-mackenzie-press-325This week, CBC Radio’s Q chats with Mackenzie Davis, while Fansided is a fan of Halt and Catch Fire. Plus, Fashion & Style explains how to get Cameron’s look. Read on for more:

Mackenzie Davis chats with CBC Radio’s Q, describing Cameron as a character who’s “going to work within the system while subverting the system to create something she wants to create.”

Fansided thinks Halt and Catch Fire is “worth your time to seek out.”

Fashion & Style suggests how to achieve Cameron’s “casual but feminine tomboy style.”

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Play the Freakshow Seaon 2 Ultimate Fan Game


Season 2 of Freakshow has come to an end, but let’s see how well you remember the outstanding feats and amazing performers from the past 16 episodes. Can you recall what Boobzilla does with her 44R cup breasts? Or where Todd wants to open up a new Freakshow? Step right up and test your memory skills by playing the Freakshow Season 2 Ultimate Fan Game now.


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’80s Playlist for Halt and Catch Fire’s John Bosworth Now on Spotify

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-105-spotify-john-bosworth-200As Senior VP of Cardiff Electric, John Bosworth (Toby Huss) has helped to turn the company into a regional power playing by the book. So when an IBM hotshot hijacks his life’s work, it doesn’t sit well with the old-school Bosworth, who’s as Texas as they come. So it’s no surprise that his music taste runs to the country side of the radio dial, including music greats like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones. See what else Bosworth would listen to with this exclusive Spotify playlist of ’80s music for John Bosworth, courtesy of Halt and Catch Fire’s Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić and his team at SuperMusicVision. And be sure to check back each week for a new playlist based on a different Halt and Catch Fire character.

Follow AMC Halt and Catch Fire on Spotify.

Halt and Catch Fire episodes and music are also available on iTunes.

Look after the jump to download songs from John Bosworth’s ’80s playlist now. Continue reading “’80s Playlist for Halt and Catch Fire’s John Bosworth Now on Spotify” »

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Halt and Catch Fire Q&A – Toby Huss (John Bosworth)

hcf-s1-toby-huss-john-bosworth-325Toby Huss, who plays John Bosworth on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, talks about perfecting his Texan accent and his love for zipper boots.

Q: How hard was it to perfect John Bosworth’s Texan accent?

A: It wasn’t hard because I got to make it up. I was perfecting something that I had made up. I didn’t want to get too twangy with it, though, because I didn’t think he was that kind of a guy. It was fun doing that accent.

Q: John’s Texas all the way. How fun was it to play that old-school, salty Texan?

A: Every man should be able to find some old, salty Texan in him — I think that’s a good thing. That’s a man who knows how to start a fire with a catfish, he can make a rocket ship out of a dumpster… I don’t know, I think that guy is a good guy to have.

Q: Do you find any similarities between you and your character? 
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Vince Gilligan Talks to TheWrap About Show Finales; Aaron Paul Chats With Reuters

breaking-bad-S5-Ep9-jesse-paul-325This week, TheWrap speaks with both Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul, while Paul also has a chat with Reuters. Plus, Gilligan has been named a co-showrunner for Better Call Saul. Read on for more:

TheWrap interviews Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan, who says to Weiner, “Man, the last year and a half before the end of Breaking Bad, I couldn’t sleep at night. Hopefully you’re not having it as bad as I had it.”

Aaron Paul tells Reuters he’d like to try directing and that he would have liked to helm a Breaking Bad episode, but “it deserves someone who really knew what they were doing.” Talking to TheWrap, Paul says of the series finale that “killing Todd was awesome. I’m so happy that I had to kill Todd and that Todd didn’t shoot Jesse in the back of the head to something.”

HitFix reports that AMC has renewed Better Call Saul for a Season 2 and that the spin-off will now air in early 2015 and will get Vince Gilligan as a co-showrunner.

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