Story Sync Makes Halt and Catch Fire an Interactive Two-Screen Experience

halt-and-catch-fire-story-sync-560x330Halt and Catch Fire premieres this Sunday at 10/9c, and with it comes the premiere of Halt and Catch Fire Story Sync. This live, interactive experience is the ultimate viewer’s companion, featuring polls, music trivia, ’80s Spotify playlists, graphics on the show’s technology, a history of the era and more — all timed to the premiere broadcast of each new episode. Simply log on to via your tablet, smart phone or Internet browser this Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c and 10 PT and tune in to the Halt and Catch Fire series premiere, “I/O” on AMC. The rest will take care of itself.

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Before using Story Sync, make sure that…

• Javascript is enabled on your Internet browser
• Your Internet browser is up to date (Sync will not work in Internet Explorer 9 or below)
• You have a strong Internet connection
• Your computer clock is set to the correct time zone

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AMC Announces August 2 Premiere Date for Hell on Wheels Season 4


AMC’s original Western drama Hell on Wheels, will return for an expanded fourth season of 13 episodes on Saturday, August 2 at 9pm ET/PT. The new season of the series, which stars Anson Mount, Colm Meaney and Common, will air in two parts with the first 10 episodes running consecutively through Saturday, October 4, before taking a hiatus during the network’s annual FearFest programming and returning for the final three episodes beginning on Saturday, November 8.

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’80s Playlist for Halt and Catch Fire‘s Joe MacMillan Now on Spotify

halt-and-catch-fire-spotify-joe-pace-200x200Halt and Catch Fire‘s Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) is a charismatic and hard-driving former IBM sales exec who bulldozes his way into Cardiff Electric and orchestrates a plan to rip off the flagship product of his former employer. What kind of music would a disruptive force like Joe listen to? Check out this Spotify playlist of ’80s music for Joe MacMillan, curated by Halt and Catch Fire’s Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic and his team at SuperMusicVision, which features artists like Talking Heads, David Bowie, the Cars, Eurythmics and more. Then check back each week for a new playlist based on a different Halt and Catch Fire character.

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Halt and Catch Fire episodes and music are also available on iTunes.

Look after the jump to download songs from the Joe MacMillan ’80s playlist now.

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Halt and Catch Fire Q&A – Lee Pace (Joe MacMillan)

halt-and-catch-fire-lee-pace-interview-325-1Lee Pace, who plays Joe MacMillan on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, talks about the first computer he ever owned and the true nature of his character.

Q: Joe MacMillan is a former IBM executive. Did you get to talk to anyone from IBM about their contributions to the making of the PC?

A: Oh, yeah. There’s a whole story of IBM, how the company came about, all the incredible things they made through the ‘60s and ‘70s; then this personal computer in the ‘80s. It’s a fascinating story, but more than that, the culture at IBM is such a unique thing. So many people work for IBM that when I started talking about the show, people would tell the most incredible stories about their time there and wearing their yellow shirt to work. It was very useful to me, playing Joe MacMillan, to have that respect for the company and also to understand what [Joe] was rebelling against.

Q: When you first read the script, what was your initial impression of Joe?
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TURN Music Supervisor on Snow Patrol Jam; THR Preview of “Challenge”

Turn_S1_TAS_105_video_325This week, TURN: Washington’s Spies’ music supervisor discusses how he got two members of Snow Patrol to record a song for the most recent episode. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter checked out “Challenge” before it aired. Read on for more: speaks with TURN: Washington’s Spies’ music supervisor, Thomas Golubić, about using Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid to sing “Jock O’Hazeldean” in the most recent episode.

The Hollywood Reporter had a sneak peek of “Challenge” that spotlighted a spat between Abe and Anna.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 1, Episode 8, “Challenge,” check out Den of Geek, Entertainment Weekly, Guardian Liberty Voice, IGN, TV Equals, TV Overmind and Zap2it.

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TCA Nods for Breaking Bad; Variety Interviews Bryan Cranston

Walt-Jesse-Studio-Gallery-325x200.jpgThis week, Breaking Bad receives three TCA nominations, while Bryan Cranston chats with Variety about his versatile and busy career. Plus, Salon talks to the actor who played Spooge about his new book. Read on for more:

TVLine reports that Breaking Bad has been honored with three nominations from the Television Critics Association — for program of the year, outstanding achievement in drama and individual achievement in drama (for Bryan Cranston).

Variety profiles Bryan Cranston and says of the 58-year-old actor that he’s “become one of Hollywood’s hottest properties at an age that’s considered, by showbiz standards at least, late in life.”

Salon interviews David Ury about his new book and his experience playing Spooge on Breaking Bad.
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Lee Pace Visits Today Show; Praise for Halt and Catch Fire

HCF_101_TR_0418_0015_560This week, Lee Pace promoted Halt and Catch Fire on NBC’s Today Show, while the series garners enthusiastic reviews ahead of its June 1 premiere. Plus, Pace speaks to Entertainment Weekly about the 1980′s. Read on for more:

Lee Pace, visiting with the Today Show‘s Hoda and Kathie Lee, says Halt and Catch Fire takes place in the “moment when everyone’s trying to get into the business and make something significant.”

The Los Angeles Times previews Halt and Catch Fire, observing that “TV producers are now finding that those at the center of computer tech’s advancements are worth exploring.”

• Lee Pace talks to Entertainment Weekly about his cultural touchstones from the ’80′s, the era in which Halt and Catch Fire is set. (No link)
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Vulture Asks Matthew Weiner About Midseason Finale; Robert Morse Talks Singing & Dancing

mm501-502-cooper-325.jpgThis week, Vulture gets Matthew Weiner’s take on the midseason finale, while Robert Morse talks to Vanity Fair and Vulture about his final moments on Mad Men. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter‘s drama actress roundtable includes Jessica Paré. Read on for more:

Matthew Weiner explains the midseason finale to Vulture, including Don seeing a deceased Cooper singing and dancing and “what you’re feeling is Don’s emotional loss and hopefully something bittersweet.” Weiner also speaks with Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Robert Morse tells Vanity Fair he gets “misty-eyed” thinking about the midseason finale and, talking to Vulture, praises Jon Hamm, who “stood there for seven hours while we did the song over and over again.” Morse also speaks with the New York Daily News.

Jessica Paré is part of The Hollywood Reporter‘s drama actress roundtable and calls the experience of performing “Zou Bisou Bisou” in front of the cast and crew “horrifying, but they were awesome. I think by take 60, I got comfortable!”

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Dispatches From the Set – Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth on Season 5

Co-Executive Producer Densie Huth on the set of The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead‘s Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth talks about portraying the Governor’s wife and her No. 1 tip for surviving the apocalypse.

Q: After four seasons of The Walking Dead, what aspects of production still manage to surprise you?

A: That it never gets easier! [Laughs] You’d think it’d become routine at a certain point — and it doesn’t — it just gets bigger and harder. It’s great and it makes the show fun. It always feels like a new challenge and not just another day on The Walking Dead.

Q: How is the location scouting going? Can you tell us about any new locations for this season?

A: We’re out of the prison and we’re on the road; and we will see a little more of Terminus. The [survivors] don’t have a space to get back to, like the prison, so this year will be really brand new, which is exciting.

Q: We saw a photo of you as The Governor’s wife during Seasons 3 and 4. Did anyone actually recognize you? Continue reading “Dispatches From the Set – Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth on Season 5″ »

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Critics’ Choice TV Award Nod for Melissa McBride; Bear McCreary Kidnapped by Zombies

twd-410-carol-325This week, Melissa McBride gets a Critics’ Choice TV Award nomination, while Variety reports on zombies kidnapping Bear McCreary during a concert. Plus, Us finds out how Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira stay in shape. Read on for more:

Melissa McBride is honored with a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination in the category of best supporting actress in a drama series. CarterMatt, reveling in McBride’s recognition, declares, “Look at the flowers, and then realize how much Melissa killed it as Carol in this past season.” And Wetpaint cheers, “Slay, Carol, slay!”

Variety reports that a concert celebrating music composed for TV featured zombies climbing on stage and capturing Bear McCreary.

Us asks Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira about their secrets for staying in zombie-fighting shape. (No link)
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